The Capraia Island

Capraia is the only volcanic island of the Tuscan Archipelago. If you are looking for an authentic and exclusive land, even in summer, treat yourself to a holiday in Capraia marked by the rhythms typical of the days spent "at sea". And that of Capraia is a "real" sea: a succession of rocky and sandy bottoms, clear waters and animated by fish, in which the ever-changing colors are reflected. Aspra and sweet, soft and angular, severe and sunny, barren and very green. In Capraia the game of opposites is a customary pastime. You have just landed and you can already hear the deep breath of this wild rock, flooded by a dazzling Mediterranean light. First and only rule: do not be in a hurry. Capraia seduces you with his apparent indolence, seems to want to hide his most intimate secrets, then takes you by the hand and takes you with him, hoping not to see you start too soon.
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