Questions or doubts about your trip?

Do you have questions or doubts? Here you will find our answers, from the technical characteristics of the boats to the rates and the tour organization.
If you don’t find the answer to one of your questions or you have more specific requests, please contact us.

Are mooring costs included?

No, only the first and last night are included in the rental price.

Can we bring children?

Yes, children are welcome.

Is it cold in the boat?

The boat is equipped with heating.

Are final cleaning included in the price?

No, they aren’t. The final cleaning is obligatory at the cost of € 150,00.

Does the tender have the engine?

Yes, and the tender with engine is included in the rental price.

I’ve never been on a boat and I don’t know if I’m seasick.

A short trip is recommended.

Is the boat being sanitized?

The boat is equipped with a permanent sanitation system.

Is there electricity in the boat?

220V only when the boat is fastened to the dock, during navigation the available electricity is 12V. The boat is equipped with inverter for small consumption.

Can I park my car in the marina?

Yes, by direct agreement with the marina personnel.

What permits do I need to rent the boat?

No permit to rent the boat, while if the boat is rented without a skipper you will need the boating license and the radio-telephone license competency.

Are there sheets in the boat?

Yes, they are included in the rental price.

Are there any towels?

Yes, there are: small, medium and large towels, all included in the rental price.

What time is boarding scheduled?

At 6 p.m.

What time is the boat due to disembark?

At 6 p.m. during the weekend rental. At 9 a.m. if the boat is rented for the week.

In case of rain do you board the same?

Yes, because the boat remains booked.

In the event of particularly adverse marine conditions, shall the boat be embarked the same?

It is possible to agree on a recovery of the period, subject to availability.

Is the galley included in the price?

No, except for agreements previously made.

Is diesel included in the price?

No, the boat is delivered and returned with a full tank of diesel. If refueling is not possible, the missing diesel will be recalculated in the rental price.

There are two of us: is it possible to embark?

Yes, by renting the boat exclusively, therefore bearing the rental costs of the entire boat. Or, renting the cabin at the same time with other people.

Is the price of the skipper included in the rental rate?

No, the rate for the skipper is specified on our website.

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